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Does your business have a sourcing strategy?

While others tout candidates as active versus passive, we at EG believe anyone is a candidate — open to listening to what you have to say. You simply have to know where and when to say it.

When you partner with EG, you partner with experts at sourcing and attracting the best candidates. From the way we leverage digital marketing to hone in on a specific geography to the way we do market-by-market recruitment, our sourcing strategy is designed and shaped by your specific needs.

We know how to generate ideal candidates profiles, how to maximize candidate response via best practices and how to execute an effective digital marketing campaign.

With our Targeted Direct Sourcing, we compile competitor mapping to see what the competition is doing to attract talent, why they’re losing talent and identify where opportunities are for you.

Measurably better, our sourcing ensures that best candidates will be talking about you, your business and your jobs.



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