Mark Lancaster

President and Chief Executive Officer

Mark Lancaster is EG’s President and Chief Executive Officer, and during his tenure, the company has grown to become a Midwest staffing leader, serving more than 200 companies across multiple industry sectors through 14 offices in Michigan and Chicago.

Mark’s vision for EG’s strategy and operations includes fostering a vibrant internal culture, incorporating the methodologies of business growth experts such as Verne Harnish and Bob Bloom.

He leads EG in its model of delivering “measurably better” results through proprietary systems, and under his leadership EG has achieved customer loyalty rates that are three times higher than the staffing industry average, according to a recent American Staffing Association survey. With a Net Promoter Score of 53, EG joins the ranks of leading U.S. companies such as FedEx, Southwest, and Dell.

He has served on several boards including Hope Network Foundation, Battle Creek Unlimited, Gull Lake Community Schools Foundation, the Sherman Lake Y Board of Directors, the co-factory and New North. Mark is devoted to developing and supporting a variety of initiatives for improving workplace opportunities as well as the quality of life for all Michigan residents. Mark is also on the CEO Leadership Council of Talent 2025, a West Michigan initiative.

Mark graduated from Michigan State University. He enjoys spending time with his wife Denise and their four children, as well as cycling, snow skiing, and fly-fishing.