Michelle Talbot

Director of Marketing

Michelle Talbot is the Director of Marketing at EG, and her 20+ years of experience in consumer product advertising for international clients such as Quaker, SC Johnson, and Kraft informs her recruitment industry work with a unique, strategic perspective.

Her work is guided by the overarching principle that a great message can only be delivered by great design, and she holds herself, and her work at EG, to this standard.

Michelle is a doer and a thinker with over 20 years of experience in strategic thinking, design, and project implementation for a wide range of clients and industries.

She earned a B.A. from Rhode Island School of Design, and worked at a Los Angeles boutique advertising and design agency, as well as Foote Cone and Belding in Chicago.

Leveraging her art and marketing background, Michelle developed, designed, and produced an award-winning children’s art kit that is sold nationally at major museums and retail stores. She continues to create art with children and teaches an art class for a non-profit organization, The Ounce of Prevention Fund, for at risk children from birth to kindergarten.

Michelle grew up in New England but now lives in Oak Park, Illinois with her two sons who are now growing faster than she can keep up with them.