About Us

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.
It’s About Helping Everyone Succeed.

At EG, diversity, equity & inclusion are at the heart of our values. And, not surprisingly, they’re also good for business. We know our reputation for innovation is rooted in our wonderfully diverse workforce. By hiring and fostering the success of people with a range of perspectives and backgrounds, we continue to exceed expectations and create surprising solutions for employees and employers.

That’s why we focus on gender, ethnicity, LGBTQIA+, religion, single parents, generations in the workplace, persons with disabilities, and cross-cultural diversity.

In 2021 alone, our racial diversity increased 11%, and we promoted 27 people from diverse backgrounds. Perhaps that’s why our voluntary turnover rate was a mere 8%.

Equality ensures all of our people have a voice. All can confidently be themselves. All can come to work knowing they’re integral and vital to the services we offer our customers.

We believe deeply in the power of diverse people collaborating in an atmosphere of trust and openness. By working together, we help everyone succeed.

EG Commitment Statement

At EG, we’re dedicated to a workplace that is safe and equitable for every individual on our team – both internally and for those we place. EG is committed to representing and reflecting the unique qualities, characteristics, experiences, perspectives, and viewpoints of our team members, partners, and the communities in which we live and serve. We strive to provide a safe and inclusive environment for all, allowing EG to achieve its purpose of Helping People Succeed.

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