EG Culture

EG Culture

We are committed to people.

And to helping them succeed.

At EG, we’re values-driven. We hold each other accountable to high standards that keep us agile, innovative, and focused on clients, on candidates—on people.

Do the right thing

We are honest, ethical, and genuine. When we are presented with choices, it is up to each individual to act in the best interest of ourselves and the company. This principle guides our morals and makes us exceptional partners.

Result – A company with moral authority that helps people succeed.

Value the individual

We promote the freedom to grow personally, to make mistakes and learn from them, to work hard, and to be yourself. We recognize people for who they are and for the work they do. We care for one another and support each other.

Result – An environment where individuals thrive and grow personally and professionally.

Healthy as a Whole

We are dedicated to the safety, health, and success of each client, employee, Field Associate, and the company as a whole. We promote safe and nurturing environments, health and wellness, and mitigate our risks through thoughtful planning.

Result – A developing, healthy company composed of people dedicated to positive growth.

Red-Hot-Chili-Pepper Urgency

We act with hustle to get things done accurately. We work to meet deadlines in a timely manner. Our team knows how to prioritize, take ownership, set deadlines, and find efficiencies.

Result – A fast-paced, unified company where all are empowered through communication and trust.

Attitude That Works

We believe that a positive attitude is critical to success. We view challenges and obstacles as an opportunity to learn. We act in an upbeat manner in all things. We overcome obstacles through perseverance and hard work. We meet our customer’s needs with an attitude of service.

Result – A positive culture, upbeat staff, and delighted customers.

Different drummers welcome.

The strength of our organization lies in the gifts, talents, and perspective each of us brings to work each day. We foster a culture that celebrates individuals. And individuality.

Embracing diversity and inclusion.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is part of who we are. And it’s critical to what we can achieve. A diverse team enables us to push boundaries while providing services that consistently exceed our customers’ expectations.

Moving forward. Together.

At EG, we follow the guidelines of the Rockefeller Habits. This keeps every member of our team member aligned on critical goals, fueling creativity, collaboration, operational and service excellence, and growth.

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