Managed Services

Managed Services

You manage your business. We’ll do what we do best.

We manage non-core services. With people and processes that work.

Wouldn’t it be nice to focus 100% of your resources on the mission-critical work that allows your company to achieve profitability, growth and innovation goals? When you partner with EG Managed Services, you take your team off peripheral functions like janitorial, mailroom, and facility maintenance services, so they can give their full attention to delivering core business results.

A proven process for managing every little detail.

Seamless implementation of support services is our goal. To achieve this goal, EG finds and hires the right people; assigns a dedicated on-site manager who is trained to engage and motivate people; and continuously consults with clients to optimize equipment, processes and outcomes – down to the last detail.

Build teams, manage process and implement seamlessly

We’re committed to continuous improvement.

EG clients tell us we’re doing a good job by inviting us to be their managed services partner-in some cases for 30 years running. What we do to support clients today is quite different from the services provided 3 decades ago when we started. Our people-empowered culture and agile organization allows us to adapt to changing client and marketplace needs so we can deliver innovative solutions and LEAN process management to keep costs down, systems running, and customers happy.

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