Talent Strategy

Find, Keep, and Grow Talent to Succeed.

Talent continues to be scarce and experts say the labor market will only continue to tighten. We are in the era where employees have the upper hand when choosing where to work and continue to expect more from their employer.

Every organization should be asking itself these five questions to prepare its workforce for the future:

  1. What talent do we have today?
  2. What talent do we need for the future?
  3. How do we find new talent?
  4. How do we keep our existing talent?
  5. How do we grow our existing talent to succeed?

EmBrand. Unlock the Power of Your
Brand to Attract Great Talent.

Your Employer Brand is how your company is perceived in the market and is your most valuable recruitment tool.
With our EmBrand solution, EG helps you to optimize your brand to attract the right talent and boost candidate flow.

We partner with you to truly gauge your employer perception, refine your brand to attract target candidates,
and manage your ongoing presence.

The Impact of Employer Branding.

Your Employer Brand is an opportunity to set your organization apart from competitors and attract the talent you need to succeed:


reduction in cost per hire


reduction in turnover


more qualified candidates, saving you time and money in the hiring process


of job seekers look at Indeed or Glassdoor when applying for a job

How EG Helps:

With EmBrand, EG looks at your current brand as an employer and helps you define a competitive value proposition and brand strategy to reach your target candidates. We then help you to effectively manage your brand presence to continue attracting top talent.

Phase 1


What is your employer brand today?

Phase 2


What is your value proposition to attract the right talent?

Phase 3


How do you launch and manage your brand effectively?

EmBrand. It’s time your brand worked for you.

Improve the Employee Experience to Retain Top Talent.

The way we work and what employees expect from their employers has fundamentally changed since the pandemic. COVID-19 triggered the highest resignation rate in US history as employees re-evaluated their priorities, and searched for purpose in their work.

To retain your top talent, companies need to employ new tactics and strategies to keep employees engaged. With our Engage solution, EG can take the guess work out of employee loyalty.

We identify the moments that matter to your employees, isolate the pain points, and develop tailored, practical solutions so you can retain your top talent for the future.

The Impact of Retention.

Cultivating an engaged and supported workforce leads to better business outcomes and helps attract new talent. Addressing culture and retention issues can lead to:


increase in profitability for the company


increase in productivity of your employees


increase in likeliness of current employee to recommend your organization

How EG Helps:

With Engage, our Talent Strategists assess your organization’s current retention challenges to identify patterns in the employee lifecycle and create tailored solutions to reduce your turnover and improve the overall employee experience.

Phase 1


What are your pain points leading to turnover?

Phase 2


What customized solutions will solve for your pain points?

Phase 3


How do you implement these solutions and measure success?

It’s time to stop guessing on turnover.

Equip Your Team with the Skills to Succeed.

Talent is one of your organization’s most valuable assets. Employees care about more than just pay. 70% of front-line workers are looking for career advancement opportunities. And there’s consensus among organizations and employees that there are growing skill gaps. By investing in learning and development opportunities for your people, you foster a more engaged workforce that’s likely to stay so you can build your workforce for the future.

A culture of continuous learning will empower your employees to succeed in their roles and equip them with the skills for the future.

With our Empower solution, EG helps you understand the skills your people need today and tomorrow to meet your business goals. We then develop a custom, role-based learning plan and curate course content to close the skills gap.

The Impact of Upskilling.

Investing in learning programs will help to future-proof your organization. They are powerful tools to engage your employees and can be the key to attracting and retaining great talent. Addressing skill gaps can lead to:


increase in employee engagement


reduction in turnover


increase in productivity

How EG Helps:

With Empower, EG analyzes the skills needed today and tomorrow to meet your business goals and creates role-based learning paths to close the gap.

Phase 1


What is the skill gap?

Phase 2


What learning paths and content do different roles need?

Phase 3


How is the training deployed and measured?

It’s time to accelerate your workforce.

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