January 10, 2023

EG Workforce Solutions Unveils Talent Strategy, the Comprehensive Solution to Find, Keep, and Grow Talent


Organizations face several challenges when it comes to finding, keeping, and growing talent in the competitive labor market. That’s why EG Workforce Solutions is excited to announce its newest offering, Talent Strategy, spearheaded by EG’s new COO, Erika Scanlin. This comprehensive solution is designed to help employers overcome the current labor market challenges and optimize their workforce by finding, keeping, and growing talent.

“We’re thrilled to be able to offer this new service to our clients,” said Mark Lancaster, EG’s CEO and President. “It’s a complete solution that will help businesses optimize their talent processes, build a strong employer brand, and create a culture of engagement and development.”

EmBrand – a solution to improve your employer brand, lies at the heart of Talent Strategy, enabling companies to differentiate themselves in the talent marketplace. By crafting a compelling employer brand narrative and showcasing the unique aspects of their workplace, organizations can actively and passively attract top-tier candidates who align with their values and goals. Businesses with a strong employer brand will generate up to 50% more qualified candidates and reduce cost-per-hire and turnover.

To address turnover issues, our Engage solutions will diagnose the pain points leading to turnover and solve them with tailored solutions. By activating authentic company culture practices, businesses can expect an increase in productivity, profitability, and employee referrals.

We know that the employees of today are looking for purpose, and that organizations need talent with the skills to meet future business goals. Our third Talent Strategy core offering is Empower. A learning and development program designed to satisfy all stakeholders by curating growth-based learning programs. EG Workforce Solutions will analyze the skills needed today and tomorrow per role and develop curricula to close any skills gap so you can grow your current talent into top talent for long-term success.

Scanlin added, “Our goal is to help organizations build a strong foundation of talent that will support their strategic goals. We’ll work with businesses of all sizes to assess their needs and develop customized solutions that will help them attract, retain, and grow the best employees.”

For business leaders seeking to enhance their talent acquisition and management strategies, EG Workforce Solutions encourages you to contact them today. Discover how Talent Strategy can transform your organization’s approach to talent and unleash its full potential.

To learn more about Talent Strategy and EG Workforce Solutions, please visit www.egnow.com or contact:

Aly DenBesten
Marketing Director

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