10 Reasons Employer Brand is Important

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Your organization’s reputation – its employer brand – significantly impacts its ability to attract, hire, engage, and retain employees. Each and every company that has ever existed or will exist has an employer brand; however, not every organization knows the importance of leveraging its brand when it comes to recruitment and retention. Here are ten reasons your employer brand is important.

– Companies with a stronger employer brand see a decrease of 43% in their cost per hire.

67% of job seekers would accept a lower salary if a company has positive reviews online.

– A bad reputation could cost a company with 10,000 employees $7.6 million in additional wages.

– Employers who fail to invest in their reputation could be paying up to $4,723 per employee hired.

69% of candidates are likely to apply to a company if they actively manage their employer brand.

84% of employees consider leaving their current jobs if another company has a better reputation.

88% of Millennials believe that being part of the right company culture is important.

72% of recruiting leaders worldwide agree that employer brand significantly impacts hiring.

79% of job seekers are likely to use social media in their job search.

– A strong employer brand leads to 50% more qualified applicants.

About EG Workforce Solutions

We’ve been in this business for decades and have developed a deep network of professional connections. Whether they’re companies looking for talent, job seekers looking for work, or an up-and-coming store in need of some temporary help, we know the right people to bridge the gap between the hiring and the hired.

But what’s more, we get to know people. From employers hiring to candidates looking, we take the time to listen and learn. We hear your likes, talents, and needs. We gain an understanding, and with it, we’re able to facilitate lasting relationships between businesses and people.

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