3 Benefits of Seasonal Work

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We’re in the middle of the holiday season, but it’s not too late to snag that seasonal job! No doubt during your holiday shopping, you’ve seen stores advertising seasonal employment opportunities, but have you ever really considered if it’s right for you? Here are EG’s 3 benefits of seasonal work we think you should consider this holiday season.

Flexible Scheduling

Seasonal work is an excellent employment option for students returning home for the holidays. Often, students have a few weeks off, and seasonal work offers flexible scheduling that’s ideal. Seasonal work is also a great option for students because these positions often aren’t long-term. The employer isn’t expecting to retain their seasonal hires past, well, the holidays. Target, for example, is expected to hire 120,000 temporary employees for the holidays.

Another perk the flexible scheduling of seasonal work offers is the ability to add a holiday job as a second stream of income. Many companies hire part-time and shift positions during the holidays, meaning you can easily add seasonal work as a second job. Whether you’d like a few more hours with a part-time position or the hours of a whole shift, seasonal work’s flexible scheduling is a great benefit to consider.

Ability to Make Extra Money for the Holidays

There’s no doubt about it being not only the most wonderful time of the year but also the most expensive time of the year! With gifts to buy and holiday parties to attend, you’re sure to feel some pain in your bank account. Instead of stressing about holiday finances, consider the extra money you’ll make by taking on a seasonal job. Holiday positions not only offer that additional income stream, but there is also the opportunity to make holiday pay if you’re scheduled to work on an actual holiday. With the income from that seasonal job, you’ll be able to give a gift to everyone on your list, pay your regularly scheduled expenses, and maybe even treat yourself as well without your bank account taking an extra hard hit this holiday season!

Build Your Resume & Gain Professional References

Seasonal work is an excellent way to build your resume and gain professional references. Seasonal work on your resume shows future employers that you’re dedicated and a hard worker since you decided to work during a busy time of the year. It shows prospective employers you’re able to handle stress and fast-paced environments as well. Working a seasonal job also gives you the opportunity to gain professional references from your supervisors. Since seasonal work is often temporary, once the holidays are over, you may need to look for a new job or a new additional position. The reference you’ll have from your manager from your seasonal work will help you stand out to new employers during your job search.

Are you thinking adding a seasonal job this holiday spirit after considering these three benefits? EG Workforce is hiring for the holidays! Be sure to contact your local office to schedule an interview today.

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