3 Benefits of Working with a Recruiter

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Want to level up your job search? Try working with a recruiter! If you think a recruiter is just there to put you in a job to fill a quota, think again. Here at EG, our recruiters take the time to learn and listen to match you with the position that’s the right fit for you! Still not convinced? Here are three things that happen when you work with a recruiter.

You Get a Job Search Ally

If you’ve spent hours upon hours sitting in front of a screen applying to jobs only to get the dreaded “We’ve gone another direction…” email, it might be time to get in touch with a recruiter. When you work with a recruiter, you gain a job search ally since they can send your application to more positions and know about opportunities not publically available.

You Get Help in the Job Search & Interview Process

Great recruiters aim to place the best candidates in their clients’ jobs; this can benefit you as the job seeker as you can expect your recruiter to help you through the process from application to hire. A recruiter can review your resume and advise how you could improve it, provide interview tips, and review job offers with you.

You Get a Competitive Edge

Recruiters are focused on filling open positions; it’s one of their main goals. For you as the job seeker, this means you’ll get a competitive edge since your recruiter will be sending your resume to multiple companies. The more they send out your resume, the more likely it is you’ll be hired – you may even see multiple opportunities!

Working with a recruiter is a great way to have an ally come alongside you in your job search, gain support and assistance during the job search and interview process, and give you a competitive edge as recruiters need to place candidates. Ready to start working with an EG recruiter? Contact us today!

About EG Workforce Solutions

We’ve been in this business for decades and have developed a deep network of professional connections. Whether they’re companies looking for talent, job seekers looking for work, or an up-and-coming store in need of some temporary help, we know the right people to bridge the gap between the hiring and the hired.

But what’s more, we get to know people. From employers hiring to candidates looking, we take the time to listen and learn. We hear your likes, talents, and needs. We gain an understanding, and with it, we’re able to facilitate lasting relationships between businesses and people.

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