3 Easy Ways to Improve Company Culture

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Company culture has a significant impact on your employee engagement, retention, and satisfaction so having a thriving culture is paramount to your organization’s success. While building a great company culture is never a one-size-fits-all approach, here are three things you can start implementing to see short and long-term improvements.

Encourage Employee Autonomy

No one wants to be micromanaged. It’s often ineffective, and even inefficient, for organizations to micromanage their employees. To improve company culture, encourage employees to have more autonomy when making decisions, completing tasks, and setting their individual goals and priorities. After all, you hired them based on their ability to get the job done!

To encourage employee autonomy, inspire your employees to start making decisions that they will be accountable for, rein in managers who over-manage their teams, create opportunities for your employees to make choices, and allow for flexible scheduling. By embracing your team’s autonomy, you’re allowing them to make a rewarding leap from waiting to be told what they should be working on to taking on initiatives that drive company growth.

Practice Your Core Values

If your team can’t share your company core values from memory, it’s a pretty safe bet they’re not being practiced. Your company’s core values must be so much more than some nice catchphrases buried somewhere on your website that no one at your organization is really aware of. You should be living out and practicing your company’s values each and every day. Practicing your core values means using them to guide your mission, influence how big decisions are made, and should even act as the heartbeat of your organization. To make your company culture better, you must develop genuine core values and practice them daily.

Support Flexibility

An easy way to increase morale and reduce turnover is to embrace and support flexibility for your employees. More and more organizations have started buying into allowing their employees to flex their schedules when needed. To support flexibility, organizations should embrace if an employee needs to step out for an appointment, need to remotely, or have to drop-off or pick-up their child from school or daycare. When your employees feel the organization supports their flexible schedules, it will increase their satisfaction and overall company culture.

Company culture is vitally important to employee engagement, loyalty, satisfaction, and retention; however, some companies struggle to build a strong culture. Three easy ways to start improving your company culture include encouraging employee autonomy, practicing your company’s core values, and supporting flexible schedules. Implementing these aspects will immediately start strengthening your employee engagement – and your bottom line.

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