3 Habits that Increase Your Chances of Getting Hired

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Job searching can be challenging, often even frustrating if you’ve been applying and either not landing an interview or job offer. There are ways to help give your job search a boost though! It’s all about finding ways to stand out against other candidates. We’re sharing three habits that increase your chances of getting hired.

Keep Your Job Search Organized

Many successful job seekers approach a job search by staying organized and disciplined. The first step to keep your job search organized is to create a file with all of your job-related documents. This file would include your updated resume, cover letter, and a spreadsheet of jobs you’ve applied for.

The next step is to continually update your resume and cover for each job you apply for as well as the spreadsheet with your applications. You’ll want to note which jobs you’ve heard back from, which ones have an interview scheduled, and which ones you haven’t heard back from. Taking these steps to stay organized will help you stay on top of your job search, give you insight into what stage of the hiring process your application may be at, and help keep you from getting overwhelmed.

Have a Sense of Humility

It’s important to remember you don’t know it all – have a sense of humility and be coachable in your job search. While you’ll want to be sure to highlight your experience and accomplishments on your resume, be careful not to come across as boastful or like you have no room to learn. This will turn off hiring managers, and more than likely, your application will go into the “no” pile.

You’ll also want to be coachable while job searching. Lean on your peers or mentor to give you advice or let them review your resume for proofing. Make sure you actually listen to the advice you’re given and take their suggestions seriously.

Know What You’re Actually Applying For

Instead of just filling out mass applications for jobs, know what you’re actually applying for. Take the time to read the full job description so you know the qualifications and responsibilities so you can evaluate if the job truly interests you and if you’d be a good fit. While you don’t need to match every qualification listed perfectly, you’re probably not going to be contacted for an interview if too much of your past experience doesn’t match.

There is no “right number” of jobs you will apply for; this is different for each person. Instead of focusing on the quantity of applications you submit, concentrate on applying for jobs that you’ve evaluated as a good potential fit for yourself. Some actions you may want to take before you applying:

– Read the job description from start to finish.
– Identify what makes this job posting attractive to you.
– Decide whether you could reasonably do this job by reviewing examples from your background that demonstrate the required – skills and qualifications.
– Take note of any instructions on how to apply.
– Once you’ve started the application, carefully read and answer any questions.
– Double-check your responses before you submit.

Take charge of your job search by implementing these habits. You’ll see a difference in your mindset and in the outcome of some of your applications. You’ll end the job search frustration by keeping your job search organized, staying humble and coachable, and focusing on quality over quantity by evaluating each job you apply for.

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