3 Reasons Not to Leave Your Job

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With the Great Resignation upon us, you may have thought about leaving your job occasionally too. The pandemic has created an opportunity for many to re-evaluate their careers, and for many, that has meant resigning from their position for something new. It may feel tempting to quit your job right now because you believe you’ll be able to find something better – and you might – but there are also reasons you might not want to leave your current job. Here are three reasons why you should stay in your current role.

You Like the Work You Do

You may not enjoy every day at work or every task you do, but if you overall like the work you do, it might not be the right time to move on to a new position. If your job gives you value, you’re able to challenge yourself or help others; you’ll find satisfaction in the work you do. If you feel excited when you’re able to see the results of your work or know the work you’ve done has contributed to the company’s overall success, then it’s a good bet that you do generally enjoy the work you do.

You Like Your Coworkers

Often, your coworkers can make or break your working experience at a company. Who you work with matters – no, you don’t have to be best friends with your coworkers, but being able to get along with them is crucial at work. Being friendly with your coworkers at work can definitely make life easier. You’ll have people to chat with during breaks, you’ll have someone to sit next to in a meeting, and you’ll have automatic lunch plans if you don’t want to eat alone. Liking your coworkers means you’ll be able to form relationships that will lead you to more overall job satisfaction; you’ll feel more motivated and productive since you’ll be more comfortable at work.

You See a Future at the Company

Seeing a career path or having opportunities for your professional development is a great reason to stay at your current job. However, if your current company takes the time to invest in your growth – or encourages you to do so, don’t take that lightly. Not every company offers this kind of career development or even the transparency to see what your future could look like. Still, some other companies won’t or can’t provide you with development opportunities.

If you’re considering leaving your job as part of the “Great Resignation,” stop and consider these three things first. If you’re in a company where you generally like the work you do, get along well with your coworkers, and can see a future at your company, these are all great reasons not to leave your job. However, if your current employer lacks these things, it might be time to give EG a call to find your next great opportunity!

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