3 Reasons to Work 3rd Shift

manufacturing employee working 3rd shift

When you choose a career in the light industrial, healthcare, or public safety field, shift work is typically unavoidable. While working odd hours might not be for everyone, it is a necessity for keeping our communities and economies thriving.

If you’re on the fence about taking on a 3rd shift role, we’ve rounded up 3 reasons why you might be persuaded to join the ranks of the 15 million Americans currently working nights.


Just can’t seem to wake up in the morning? Good news: you don’t have to if you work 3rd shift. Working odd hours gives you the opportunity to “sleep in” without repercussions.

That being said, you should still try to stick to a regular sleep schedule in order to improve your overall health. Since humans are naturally programmed to sleep at night, you’ll need to put in a little extra effort to stay well-rested. Make sure you have a dark, quiet space to retreat to after your shift is completed. Doing so will help minimize your exposure to daytime distractions and help your brain get into relaxation mode.


As nice as a traditional 9-5 might sound, sometimes those hours just don’t accommodate daytime responsibilities. Maybe childcare is a concern, or maybe you’re thinking about heading back to school. If that’s the case, working 3rd shift might be the answer. By working flexible hours, you gain a better opportunity to complete those pesky errands without having to take time away from work.


When you work the night shift, you play an important role in keeping the company thriving. Most employers recognize that you’re making a sacrifice by working odd hours and will compensate accordingly. Usually, you can expect a shift premium (sometimes called a shift differential) to be added to the base pay for your role.

Furthermore, you may be sacrificing a bit of nightlife by working 3rd shift. If you’re okay with clocking into work rather than hitting the bar scene, you’ll also probably notice an increase in your over all savings.

It’s hard to deny that working nights can offer a few opportunities that you wouldn’t get otherwise. So, have we convinced you to accept that 3rd shift job yet?

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