3 Retention Tactics to Avoid the “Great Resignation”

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The “Great Resignation” is upon us. Employees are leaving their jobs in droves for “greener pastures.” Companies are struggling to find and retain talent through this unprecedented time. While some turnover is normal, retaining your top talent will be crucial for maintaining your company culture, employee engagement, and your bottom line. Here are three retention tactics your organization can use to avoid the “Great Resignation.”

Encourage Your Team to Take Time Off

Your employees have PTO; encourage them to use it. Your team should be taking real time off from work every now and then – especially considering all the stressors they’ve experienced over the past year and a half. They’ve probably taken some time off here or there but did they really unplug from work?

For many people, taking time off didn’t mean going on a vacation or changing their environment – it was sitting on the couch binging something on Netflix due to it being unsafe to really travel. Even if your employees don’t or can’t “travel,” encourage them to take some actual downtime away from more – for more than one day at a time – to rest, recharge, and refocus.

Talk With, Not At, Your Employees

Managers are not babysitters to their employees – and shouldn’t treat them like children. These people were hired for a reason – because they are fully capable of doing the job and exceeding expectations. Organizations should talk with their employees and not at them when it comes to company changes or policies.

For example, when it comes to a company determining its flexible work policy, engage your team. Does the best and most productive fit for your team mean fully remote for some members? All in the physical office or workspace? A hybrid model? Give your employees the space to be heard and let them know their opinions are valued.

Treat Employees Who Do Leave Kindly

Losing your great employees is never easy for many reasons. Still, organizations who take the high road and treat those who leave kindly won’t risk lowering remaining employees’ morale and engagement. When someone leaves and the organization mistreats them for it, other employees will take notice and may lose interest in remaining at the company.

When your organization focuses on keeping your employees happy and supported, you’re most likely to weather the “Great Resignation” with success. Retention tactics you’ll need to use to keep those employees satisfied include encouraging them to take real time off, talk with them and not at them, and treat those who do leave with compassion. In addition, retaining your talent means retaining your company culture and your bottom line.

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