3 Signs Your Top Employee is Preparing to Leave

Person packing up a cardboard box with work items in resignation

As the country slowly makes its way back to “normal,” there are signs there will be a “mass resignation.” After spending upwards of a year and a half working remotely, having a flexed schedule, or having protective measures implemented in the workplace, some employees will not accept the looming changes. Many others are simply overwhelmed, over-stressed, and overworked from the past year and are burnt out. This means, if your company is unwilling to adapt, you’re at risk of losing your top employees. Here are the three signs your top talent is preparing to leave.

They Are Disengaged in Their Work

One of the most telling signs your top employees are preparing to leave is they’re no longer engaged in their work. Your best employees are most likely your best employees because they are engaged in their work, motivated to succeed, and productive in their role. When they are preparing to leave, this is usually preceded by the sudden disengagement they show in their work. Everyone has days where they might not put forth their best effort; if you notice a sudden or dramatic change in your top performer’s engagement, it’s a pretty big warning sign you’re at risk of losing them.

They Aren’t Offering New Ideas or Suggestions

When you’re accustomed to your best employees offering their ideas or suggestions on projects or processes, and suddenly they are no longer sharing their thoughts, this can be another warning sign they are preparing to leave. Sometimes, your top talent will experience slumps or burnout that will affect their productivity; if it becomes consistent, managers should take note. Managers should do their best to support their team members during these “slumps” to help prevent burnout – or worse, a resignation.

They Aren’t Participating in Company Events

Many companies have tried to provide their teams with the opportunity to “hang out” in different ways over the past year and a half. From virtual happy hours to socially distanced gatherings, there have been many creative ways teams have come together to socialize. However, if you notice your top performer(s) are no longer participating, this is a warning sign they’re distancing themselves from their coworkers and the company. Don’t panic if they miss the occasional event, but if you start to notice a pattern, the employee might be preparing to leave.

While no organization wants to see their top talent leave, at the end of the day, each of your employees is unique and has different needs, wants, and desires for their career. A key to retaining your best employees is ensuring your team is happy and giving them the freedom and autonomy to do their jobs the way that works best for them. When companies do this, it’s a real win/win because almost nothing else will bring increased success to a business than employees who are engaged and excited to be at work every day!

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