3 Things Employees Will Expect Post COVID

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As the country slowly starts the process of “returning to work,” employees will be experiencing a mix of emotions; fear, anticipation, stress, etc. It is up to employers to create an environment that makes your employees feel safe and protected as they return to work. EG Workforce has been closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation from the beginning while following CDC guidelines and has established three things employees will expect post-COVID.

Employees Will Expect to be Protected

Perhaps the most important thing employees will expect as they return to work is to be protected. Companies should plan to invest in disinfecting and sanitizing their offices or manufacturing facilities before their employees return and have a sanitation plan in place to keep the workplace safe as the workers return.

If employees don’t feel they are safe in their workplace, employers will almost certainly see a significant drop in productivity. Help your employees focus on the job at hand by providing safety measures they protect them. EG Workforce Solutions has launched EG Environmental, cleaning solutions for work, that is designed to sanitize, disinfect, and protect your workers. EG delivers professional-grade cleaning and disinfecting services that help promote healthy work environments.

Beyond having a deep cleaning strategy in place, employers will need to provide appropriate PPE, like masks and sneeze-shields. They must also set up a socially distant workplace that keeps employees at least 6-feet apart from each other, limiting the number of employees who return to the physical workplace.

A Focus on Employee Well-being

Employers should watch for signs of the emotional impact COVID-19 brings over the coming weeks and months as employees return to work. Signs employers should watch for that indicate their employees may be struggling mentally with returning to work includes a drop in performance or productivity, such as absenteeism, missing deadlines irritability, difficulty concentrating, and a withdrawal from work activity.

Companies should educate the leaders and managers within their organization to stop these signs of a struggling employee and how to help or seek the appropriate treatment. Above all, employers should be there to support their employees’ well-being as they return to work. When employees feel supported and taken care of, they will feel more comfortable returning to work.

Continued Workplace Flexibility

Returning to the workplace will most likely happen in phases with only a select number of employees going into the physical location, with the rest continuing to work remotely. However, some employees won’t feel comfortable returning to work initially and will want to continue working remotely. With the uncertainty about secondary outbreaks, it makes sense to keep a robust remote work strategy in place. Companies must continue to improve upon the remote work structure they’ve put in place over the past two months and allow employees to have the flexibility to work remotely as we return to work.

Additionally, having a strong remote work policy in place is a great talent attractor for when the time comes to start hiring again. One of the top benefits job seekers are looking for and now expect, in their next position, is the ability to work remotely. COVID-19 has shown businesses it is possible to have virtual teams while not sacrificing productivity. Expect remote working to be a trend that continues beyond COVID-19.

There are still a lot of unknowns about what the impact of coronavirus will be in the coming weeks and months, so companies will continue to make decisions as the situation evolves. The more employees are involved in these changes, the more comfortable they’ll be as they return to work. Employers will need to remember that their employees are looking to feel protected, have the focus stay on their well-being, and continued workplace flexibility as we all continue to anticipate and navigate what employees will expect post-COVID.

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