3 Things You Must Include on Your Resume

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Your resume is an incredibly important “living documents” you will create, meaning it should change as your career grows. Your resume acts as your first impression to potential employers before you ever speak or meet face-to-face, so you’ll want to ensure it makes a positive impact. There are thousands of articles telling you what to include and hundreds of template sites, so it can be overwhelming to know how to write your resume. Here at EG, we’re sharing our industry expertise on the top three things you absolutely should include when writing your resume.

Identification Information

Hiring managers should know immediately how to get in contact with you should they see you as a potential fit for the position. Make sure your phone number and email address are up to date and are clear on your resume. A hiring manager should be able to find your contact information within seconds of reviewing your resume. We recommend listing your contact information at the top of your resume, ideally, under your name.

Clear and Accurate Contact Information

We can’t stress enough how important it is to keep your contact info accurate so hiring managers can find you. If your phone number changes, be sure to update that on your resume. You’ll also want to make sure your email looks professional as well, so stay away from any accounts you might have along the lines of “” and opt for something like

Work Experience

This is your chance to show hiring managers how your skills and experience would make you a great fit for the position you’re applying for. You must include your position title and dates employed with that company in your work experience section.

Tell Your Career Story

Your work experience should tell your career story. Under each position listed, you’ll want to include a brief list of your duties and responsibilities. We recommend sharing a few details but keep it to an overview level so you can share more specifics with the hiring manager during the interview.

Data and Metrics

Backup your work history with data and metrics. Hiring managers will review your claims but, providing metrics and hard numbers to back up these career claims will help you stand out from other candidates. No position is excluded from metrics, and employers will want to review to get a better understanding of your true capabilities. Think about the tasks you do and think about how you might measure them. For example, instead of saying, “I was able to exceed the required Assembly output” and say, “I was able to exceed the required Assembly output by 10%.”

Of course, you’ll want to make sure these metrics are accurate – hiring managers will know soon enough if you’ve lied or embellished on your resume. If you’re not sure how to measure the work you do, don’t be afraid to ask your manager. Even if you’re not looking to change jobs, knowing how to backup your work with metrics can help you at your current position as when you have a performance review, you can share exactly how you’ve benefited the company.

Make Your Resume Stand Out

Your resume is what is going to make or break your chance at landing an interview, so be sure to put the time and work into making it accurate, informative, and error-free. While resumes will vary for different industries and positions, these three tips we’ve listed are crucial to include on your resume.

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