3 Tips for Maintaining Recruiting Momentum

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Hiring takes significant time and resources – and sometimes, you can only hope you got it right in the end. How can you make the process of identifying and hiring talent more efficient? The answer is to maintain your recruiting momentum. You need to shift from a start-stop approach and instead apply a continuous focus to keep the momentum of your hiring needs going. Here are three tips for making this shift.

Write “Standing” Job Descriptions

Identify which roles in your organization would be the most difficult to fill if they became vacant. Write “standing” job descriptions for these positions, outlining the desired skill sets and experience necessary to succeed. Keep an inventory of resumes that align with the semantics of the role, even if you’re not actively recruiting for those positions – remember, this can include individuals on your current team.

In this competitive hiring market, some companies are creating new roles to bring in candidates with the in-demand skills and experience they know will benefit their firm. Specifically, look for candidates or current employees who have the potential to fill other roles in your organization over time. When identifying individuals for upskilling and succession planning, consider employees already on your staff who are well-suited for the positions.

Keep an “Always On” Recruiting Mindset

Maintaining an “always-on” recruiting focus will help you maintain your hiring momentum. For example, set a goal to reach out to colleges and universities, industry groups, company alumni, and others in your professional network who may have connections and insight about potential hires. Proactive networking and outreach can help you spot and recruit skilled professionals before they enter the job market. You can reach out to these individuals about possible career opportunities at your company and get a head
start on recruiting these individuals.

Adding a referral program to your recruiting strategy can lead to an influx of qualified candidates. Employers can offer incentives such as cash or gift cards to current employees for referring qualified candidates for jobs in their organization. Another simple way to keep an “always-on” recruiting mindset is to add a hiring page to your company website. If a candidate visits the company website, they might discover the hiring page and apply for the job right there or reach out directly. As you remain focused on identifying potential candidates as early and as often as possible, your leads network will continuously
grow – along with your talent pipeline.

Make Recruiting a Shared Responsibility

While HR or Talent Acquisition teams typically are responsible for most of the recruiting and hiring for your organizations, your entire team can contribute to building the talent pipeline. Top performing team members are often your organization’s biggest advocates, and they can help identify individuals who will likely thrive at the company. You can encourage them to reach out to potential candidates, giving them the job details and company that will get them excited about the opportunity to work for the company.

Maintaining recruiting momentum takes work, but it will become a more natural process over time if it’s made a high priority in an organization. Committing to an “always-on” recruiting focus will keep a pipeline of new talent full, and you’ll build a network of qualified candidates. The results will increase your efficiency in the recruitment process, which will enable you to identify outstanding candidates before your competitors can.

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