3 Traits to Include on Your Resume to Land a Leadership Role

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When you’re ready to make to next move in your career to a leadership role, it will be vital to add these three traits to your resume to show how you’d be the right fit for the job. Along with making sure your resume is polished, accurate, and error-free, you’ll want to ensure you’re able to include these three traits on your resume to land a leadership role.

Problem-Solving Abilities

All good leaders are problem solvers. When problems arise on the job for themselves or their team, the ability to troubleshoot and solve these issues will be vital to being a successful leader. Effective problem-solving means you’ll be able to remain calm in stressful situations to find a solution. It also includes making quick decisions, fixing roadblocks that prevent your team from doing their job at full productivity, ensuring all projects are done promptly, communicating when things don’t go to plan, and finding new ways to innovate when the situation calls for it.

The key problem-solving skills you’ll want to highlight include:

– Critical thinking ability.
– Analytical thinking skills.
– Research and evaluation.
– Level-headedness.
– Integrity.

Decisiveness Capabilities

Often, some of the most effective leaders are those who can make decisions and stick to them. It’s hard to get behind a leader who is wishy-washy or doesn’t follow through on the decisions they’ve made. This decisiveness comes with time and experience, so taking the time to learn and understand all you can about your industry is crucial if you want to become a leader in your field.

To continue improving your decisiveness capabilities will require research, evaluation, problem-solving, and goal-setting. Decisive leaders will be able to pull from their own prior experiences to evaluate what might work best, then make the decision and be confident in be willing to take responsibility for the end result.

Some key skills you should showcase for your decisiveness capabilities include:

– Taking the initiative.
– Integrity.
– Goal-setting.
– Research and evaluation abilities.
– Confidence.

Team-Building Abilities

Sometimes, a leader is only as effective as the support they have behind them. The ability to build strong relationships with your teams is a crucial skill aspiring leaders should have. Team building requires leadership strengths such as effective communication and conflict resolution. When your team is behind you and loyal to the goals you want to accomplish, they will rally and work hard to make it happen.

Here at EG, we have a saying that “you can stop one or two of us, but you can’t stop us when we’re all moving in the same direction.” Our teams are going in the same direction because of the team-building abilities of our leadership team. Once you and your team understand each other, you will benefit by assessing strengths, delegating tasks, and completing your goals more seamlessly.

Here are a few of the top team-building skills you’ll need to include in your resume:

– Interpersonal skills.
– Motivational abilities.
– Collaboration and Communication skills.
– Social skills.
– Ability to inspire.

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