3 Ways A Recruiter Will Help You Succeed

EG Technology Worker

When you’ve decided it’s time to move on from your current job, find yourself a recruiter. You’ll land a job faster, and that new job will likely be a better fit for your skills and your life.


A recruiter works for dozens of companies who are hiring now. This gives them the inside scoop on the kind of person the employer wants to hire, and insights about the job beyond what you’ll get in a job description. Because they’ve placed many people into new jobs, they even have knowledge of what it’s like to work for a specific company.

Your recruiter also works for you. She wants to find the right job for you and will only send your resume to companies where she expects you will thrive. She’ll also get your application in front of the hiring manager more quickly. “Most employers look at resumes they receive from an agency faster than they would if you applied on your own,” says Jodi Blanchard, EG Recruiter. “Hiring managers know that we’ve already pre-qualified you and that you’re armed with an understanding of the skills and experience necessary to be successful on the job.”


A recruiter will help you represent yourself in the best way possible, both on paper and in person. Starting with your resume, recruiters will coach you with tips like adding volunteer experience or side jobs in order to emphasize your value to a particular employer. When you get selected for the interview, your recruiter will coach you with tips for talking with the hiring manager and fitting in at the company.


Your relationship with your recruiter doesn’t end after you land the job. Recruiters stay by your side beyond the initial hiring process and are there to help you grow into your new position after you start.

Helping people succeed is at the heart of what we do at EG, and EG’s team of friendly recruiters love their jobs. “It brings me so much joy to see people develop on the job,” says Sarah Senn, EG Recruiter. “The skills they learn also help them develop personally. It really makes me proud to have helped them.”

We’d love to meet you and help you succeed. Apply now or contact us to kick off your relationship with an EG recruiter.

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