3 Ways COVID will Change the Hiring Process

Identifying the right candidate

COVID-19 has drastically changed nearly every way of life; how hiring will take place is no different. While many companies did have to layoff or furlough employees as COVID caused a nationwide shutdown, at some point, businesses will need to start hiring again. As companies come back to work and their hiring needs increase, interviewing, and onboarding candidates will look different than it has in the past. We’re sharing the three ways COVID will change the hiring process. 

The Process will be Remote 

We expect to see companies continue using digital to screen and interview candidates. While digital was most likely already the main method for screening candidates, virtual interviews probably weren’t. Companies who have still been hiring have had to rely on video conferencing to interview candidates over the past two months. This trend will continue as we keep navigating through COVID and post-COVID. Companies should expect to keep the interview process remote for the foreseeable future. 

The Onboarding Process will Change

Companies should also expect the onboarding process to change due to COVID. After a candidate is virtually interviewed and hired, the onboarding process will be digital, too. Since onboarding is a crucial step in making a new hire feel welcome and is a significant factor in long-term retention, managers will have to step up to make the virtual onboarding inclusive and personal for their new hire.

Some companies have gotten creative with technology to help their new hires feel acclimated by offering VR tours of the office or facilities. While this is a more extreme example, there are plenty of ways managers can make the digital onboarding process more personal. They can set up Zoom meetings with the team, set clear expectations and direction, and continually check-in virtually.

There will be a Broader Candidate Pool

Since COVID caused so many layoffs as companies were shuttered, there will be a new, broader candidate pool businesses will be able to find talent from. While we were experiencing a tight talent market pre-COVID, this will most likely change as companies return to work, and there will be more talent available.

As we continue to adjust to the “new normal,” companies will have to change how they hire and onboard new employees. Knowing how COVID will change the hiring process is the first step, companies will have to embrace the process will remain remote, know the onboarding process will change, and there will be a new, broader candidate pool to find talent. 

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