3 Ways eNPS Improves Company Culture

Net Promoter Score Representation

When organizations want to check the pulse of their culture, employee satisfaction, and department pain points, many will deploy an eNPS survey – an Employee Net Promoter Score survey. This survey simply asks employees how likely they are to recommend working at their organization to a friend or family member on a scale from 1-10. Then leaves them the ability to add a comment on why they gave that score. The survey is completely anonymous for the responders and shows the organization’s top leadership insights into how their employees view the organization’s culture – both positive and negative. Utilizing an eNPS survey can improve your company culture in these three ways.

Improves Employee Loyalty

Your loyal employees are your brand advocates. By harboring employee loyalty, you increase your brand’s goodwill which helps to attract talent in the long run. Utilizing eNPS gives your organization valuable insights on where your employees are satisfied and where their pain points are.

These insights then mean your organization can implement the changes or solutions needed to relieve your employees’ pain points. When your team feels and sees that their voices are being heard and solutions are being implemented, they will be more loyal to your organization. Loyal employees are retained employees, and retained employees are better for your bottom line!

Improves Employee Engagement

Much like giving insights into your employees’ loyalty, eNPS also gives organizations crucial data on their employee engagement levels. Again, when organizations can see where their employees are struggling, have pain points, are falling off, changes and solutions can be put in place.

Excellent employee engagement is essential to your organization’s bottom line; it impacts your employees’ motivation and productivity. It also has an impact on your organization’s revenue. In fact, companies with highly engaged employees are 21% more profitable as compared to their competitors with disengaged work cultures.

Improves Employer Branding

Your employer brand is essentially how your employees, clients, and customers view your organization’s reputation. This can be a powerful influence on how you retain your employees, hire new team members. It’s easy for people to learn about your employer branding by searching sites with company reviews like Glassdoor. If many negative reviews highlight unaddressed pain points in your organization, it’s going to be tough to attract top talent to your organization. Likewise, if there are many positive reviews, you’ll have top talent coming to you!

If you want to improve your employer brand, utilizing eNPS is a great option. A positive employee experience means your team is generally happy and satisfied with the work they’re doing. It stands to reason then that this employee satisfaction motivates your team to go the extra mile when engaging with customers, clients, tasks, and goals. All of this drives a higher level of employer branding.

Companies that use eNPS to understand their company culture better and have data on where it’s thriving and areas for improvement. Using this data to continue down the path where employees are thriving and bringing solutions to their pain points will see increased employee loyalty, engagement, and better employer branding.

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