3 Ways to be a More Transparent Leader

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Every leader wants to earn their staff’s trust as happy teams who understand their manager has their back and best interests in mind will work harder and better for the organization. Being a transparent leader is one of the best ways to earn the trust of your team. Here are three ways to be a more transparent leader.

Speak Truth, Avoid Spin

No one likes getting difficult news, but when you have to give it, spinning it or tip-toeing around it isn’t going to do anyone any good. When you have share news, it’s best to avoid spin and giving it straight – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

When times are difficult, leaders won’t be able to “rally the troops” if they aren’t trusted, or their team doesn’t feel like they’ve been given the full story. When leaders are transparent about good and bad news, their teams will be there to help navigate the organization through it.

Create Systems that Drive Transparency

If you want more company-wide transparency, you’ll need to create systems that drive it. Start by emphasizing your commitment to being a transparent leader and how you expect the same from your team. Create infrastructure for open and consistent communication, consider removing silos within the organization, and recognizing transparency when you see it.

Empower Transparent Team Members

Transparency has to come from more than just the top of the organization. Empower transparency from your team – it will become a healthy cycle! Empowering this environment of open communication, trust, and honestly, will lead to higher employee engagement, loyalty, and satisfaction. People will thrive in an environment built on transparency and trust – and your organization will be the beneficiary!

Transparent leadership will lead to more trust, higher productivity and engagement, employee satisfaction, and healthy company culture. To build more transparency in your leadership, speak more truth than spin when it comes to the easy and challenging news, create systems that drive transparency, and empower transparency within your team.

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