3 Ways to Empower Your Employees

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As a forward-thinking manager today, you hope to create a work culture in which each employee can thrive. You want people to feel empowered to contribute not just their labor but their creativity. And you want everyone to feel the satisfaction and happiness that comes with empowerment. To reach those goals, you need to give employees the room to experiment, and the tools and information to take their skills to the next level. Here are some tips on how to do it.

Lead with Empathy

It’s not always easy for managers to connect with workers on a personal level. But it’s well worth the effort. Body language, facial expressions, the tone of your voice—all can help show employees you’re genuinely concerned about them and want them to succeed. Be ready to talk when they need to hear from you and listen when they have something to say. Focus on showing all of your workers that you genuinely appreciate them as individuals. It can go a long way.

To be empowered, workers must know they have a stake in the future. So, don’t just tell them about tomorrow; help them set the path toward it. Review and, if necessary, refresh your mission statement, vision statement, and strategic plan. And, as much as you can, make them part of planning and goal setting, even if it’s just at the department level.

Properly Equip Them

Make sure you’re not holding back any of the critical tools and information workers need to make thoughtful decisions. By properly equipping them—with data, tech, or whatever else they need—you build on trust and foster confidence throughout your teams.

Trust Them

You can’t fake trust. (Although some employers try to.) Wear it on your sleeve. Set clear expectations and standards, but create an environment in which workers can be creative and innovative. Don’t be afraid to let them fail. When they see you won’t second guess them, they’ll begin to focus on results and carry the organization forward, empowered.

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