3 Ways to Impress Your Manager While Working Remotely

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Just because many of us are working from home doesn’t mean this is a pass to take it easy or be less productive. In fact, working from home should spur you, even more, to want to impress your manager. We’re sharing our three best ways to impress your manager while working remotely.

You Should be Reliable and Responsive

While you were in the office, your manager could easily see when you were working since you’d be sitting at your desk or at your work station. You can convey the same message as a reliable worker even while working remotely by being responsive and available while online.

You should be attentive to your phone, email, and instant messages throughout the day and that when you receive a request from your boss, you respond as soon as possible. This doesn’t mean you have to drop everything and scramble when a message from your manager comes in, you should plan to respond as quickly as you can then complete the request in a realistic timeframe. You’ll want to make sure that you follow through on your promised deadline – if you tell your manager you’ll have the task compete by lunch, for example, make sure you do.

Remember to be Timely

This goes hand-in-hand with following through on your promised deadlines. When you have deadlines, whether you’ve set them or your manager has, you should always make an extra effort to meet these deadlines.

Beyond work assignments, this also relates to video calls and scheduled phone calls. Be prompt, on time, and prepared, and you’re sure to impress your manager. Putting forth your best effort to remember to be timely will help your manager see that you’re a proactive, hard-working employee – even while working remotely.

Always Communicate with Your Manager

While you don’t need to tell your manager every little detail of your day, you do want to be communicating with him or her regularly. Always communicate what tasks or goals you’ve completed either daily or every few days to show them the efforts you’re making to be productive. Your manager will appreciate you taking the initiative in sharing the tasks and goals you’ve completed.

You can impress your manager even while working remotely by showing that you are reliable and responsive to assigned tasks, remembering that timeliness matters, and by always communicating to show your productivity.

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