3 Ways to Improve Warehouse Safety this Winter

Warehouse in the Winter

Winter is here, and there’s no escaping the cold, snow, and ice. You can, however, avoid dangerous situations by making sure your warehouse is safe for your employees. Warehouse safety is always important of course, but even more so during the cold and often icy winter months. Take the time to be proactive in prepping your warehouse against potential accidents or hazards by following our three tips to improve warehouse safety this winter. Here at EG, one of our core values is Healthy as a Whole and we want to use this value to highlight our three ways to improve warehouse safety this winter.

Identify Common Accident Hazards

Winter, of course, brings a unique set of potential accidents and hazards, everything from slippery floors to inadequate PPE. As the employer, it is your responsibility to provide a safe working environment for your employees. In the winter, you’ll want to identify any common accident hazards that might arise in the warehouse this winter.

Watch for liquid on the warehouse floor that could freeze and cause an employee to slip and fall. Falls are one of the most common workplace injuries, especially in the winter. In 2016, over 30,000 people died in falls at work, according to Injury Facts®. Make sure your warehouse has a plan in place to keep the floor dry and ice-free to prevent falling accidents from happening.

You also will want to make sure your employees are using the appropriate PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) during the winter months, especially if your warehouse is not climate controlled. You should be providing your employees with the proper PPE to stay safe during the winter, in non-climate controlled environments, this includes providing coats, hats, and gloves; whether you offer these outright for the employees or give them credit to purchase on their own.

“Enforce” a Winter Dress Code

What good is the winter-ready PPE if your employees aren’t adhering to it? To ensure warehouse safety, “enforce” a dress code. As an employer, you should “enforce” a winter dress code for your warehouse employees to ensure their protection against the cold and hazards that come with winter. Warehouses are notoriously hard to heat, they’re large and often have loading docks that open and close throughout the day, letting the cold outside air in. This is why it is so essential that your employees dress appropriately to avoid getting sick or having an accident. Encourage your employees to dress in layers so they can remove items of clothing as the temperature fluctuates.
Communicate Safety with Your Employees

Teach your employees the value of winter safety. When your employees understand the hazards that come with winter, they’ll be more likely to help combat them. Communicating that you’re taking care of your employees’ safety also shows them the company values them! Taking ownership of safety as a company leads to more effective changes and an overall safer work environment.

Winter doesn’t have to be dangerous in your warehouse. By following the above tips, you can ensure a happy, healthy workplace for your employees, and a happy, healthy workplace means your bottom line will continue to grow.

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