3 Ways to Invest in DEI Momentum

A diverse group of employees standing in a meeting.

A strong diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiative is vital to the health of any company and its culture, long-term. But too often, businesses large and small launch their DEI efforts with much fanfare, only to have their organization’s focus fade when the initial excitement dies. Here are three investments you can make to sustain the momentum in DEI.

Treat DEI As Another Critical Part of Your Business

After the launch, sustain and support DEI the way you would any other business initiative by establishing benchmarks, key performance indicators, and measurements. Devise tools to motivate employees. For example, give ratings or scores to those who promote your DEI efforts. In short, keep it top-of-mind and part of your day-to-day operations. And keep everyone engaged and accountable.

Make It a System, Not Just an Initiative

To make DEI more than just another motivational speech or one-time event, take away the emotion. Insert sensible, smart metrics into the effort––metrics to guide and direct your workforce and management team. That way, all concerned will not only keep DEI top-of-mind, but they’ll also ensure it’s a system that works for your business and its stakeholders.

Make It Part of Your Identity

Lead from the C-suite. Foster a culture in which DEI is the foundation of your company. Encourage and inspire every member of your workforce to understand that this is the way you hire, select future talent, handle performance reviews, and make decisions. Demonstrate regularly how you appreciate and learn from people with different views. And don’t hesitate to reward and celebrate exemplary DEI behaviors.

About EG Workforce Solutions

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