3 Ways to Mentally Prepare for an Interview

Mental Preparation

Preparing for an interview starts even before you arrive to meet the hiring manager. Interviews can be stressful or even increase your anxiety, but they don’t have to fry your nerves! To start prepping for your next interview properly, you’ll want to start by using these three ways to mentally prepare for an interview.

Visualize it Going Well

To start helping yourself mentally prepare for the interview, begin by visualizing it going well. In fact, research shows that visualization is an excellent way to reduce stress and has been shown to increase the likelihood of achieving your goals.

Visualize the outcome that you are hoping for, in this case, obviously getting a job offer. Picture in your mind that you will respond to questions with ease. Envision yourself asking a few pointed questions. You should even imagine yourself getting that job!

Get Your Body Ready

Make sure you mentally prepare for an interview by getting your body ready. This means getting plenty of sleep the night and eating a nutritious meal beforehand. Sleep is essential because not only will being well-rested make you more alert and focused; it will also help ease some of the nerves.

Eating a nutritious meal is also just as important as getting enough sleep. Eat a meal that will give you energy, such as lean proteins (like eggs or Greek yogurt), blueberries, coffee, nuts, greens packed with B vitamins. These foods will give your body the boost it needs to stay alert, focused, and ready to ace your interview.

Make a Logistics Plan

It may seem basic and obvious, but making a logistics plan is an important way to mentally prepare for your next interview. Know where you need to go, or if the interview is virtual, test your tech and internet connection beforehand, know what day and time the interview will be held, if you’re traveling, have transportation lined up.

Having all these details sorted out and planned for before the day of the interview will reduce your stress levels and help you feel more confident since you won’t be scrambling to figure out these basic details.

Doing these three things to mentally prepare for your next interview will help increase your chances of acing it and getting a job offer. Begin by visualizing the interview going well, getting your body ready by getting plenty of rest, eating a nutritious meal beforehand, and finally making a logistics plan for how you’ll connect or arrive to the interview.

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