3 Ways Your Company Can Shatter Its Glass Ceiling

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Did you know there is a glass ceiling at many companies? Although the term is often used to describe barriers females face in the workforce, a glass ceiling is something that both genders face at all levels. It limits career advancement, effectively prevents individuals from reaching their full potential, and limits salary equity.

Shattering the glass ceiling doesn’t happen overnight; it involves creating a culture that supports retention and allows people to succeed outside of their comfort zone. Here are three ways your company can shatter the glass ceiling.

Eliminate Unfair Evaluations

As organizations become more diverse, it’s crucial they develop and implement fair processes. Evaluations of employees can be unjust if they focus more on what is wrong with an employee than what is right. For example, if an employee is receiving evaluations that only point out negative aspects of their work performance, it’s likely that the employee will never get ahead.

Eliminating unfair evaluations is a great way to help employees trust the company they work for. Everyone deserves to have a chance to advance in their career, and when everyone is being evaluated fairly, it will feel much less challenging. It’s important to take specific steps to eliminate unfair evaluations. This can be done by setting employees’ goals, assessing their current position, providing feedback, and balancing input for poor performance. This way, all employees will be held responsible for their actions.

Provide Flexible Schedules

Providing a flexible schedule is one of the most attractive benefits companies can provide to employees, and with good reason: it helps them deal with the constant push and pull between their professional and personal lives. It’s great for both employees and employers: employees get to work when they’re most productive and not be penalized, and the employer avoids costly burnout.

There is nothing wrong with putting in extra hours to pursue a career. Employers should provide flex-time or flex-hours for their employees to have time off to handle personal matters and do other things such as family time, exercise, volunteering, or volunteering anything else they would like to do.

Zero-Tolerance Harassment Policy

Sexual, gender, and racial harassment should not be tolerated in the workplace. Having a zero-tolerance policy against this behavior can help all break through the glass ceiling. A zero-tolerance policy is one that does not accept any violations of its policies or laws. The first time it happens, the violator will be immediately terminated.

A zero-tolerance policy will help ensure all employees have equal opportunities to succeed based on their abilities, not their gender or diversity, and make them feel safe. Also, it will secure each employee is given an equal opportunity to succeed in their chosen career path.

The best way to achieve a level playing field in the workplace is to set realistic and fair standards for evaluation, allow flexible schedules for healthy work-life balance, and have a zero-tolerance policy for harassment. When an organization adopts these practices, employees will be able to showcase their talents fairly, and your company can shatter its glass ceiling.

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