4 Benefits of Working Second Shift

What is Second Shift?

Traditionally, second shift are the hours after 8 am – 5 pm. Usually, second shift employees clock in between 4 pm – 5 pm and clock out around 1 am. This may seem like a “no man zone” for working, but there are actually a few benefits of working second shift you may not have considered before.

You Have Time for Appointments

Since you have the majority of your daytime free, you’ll have time to go to appointments without having to plan around a work schedule. You’ll be able to plan your scheduled activities much easier than people working more traditional hours. Going to the doctor, grocery shopping, a mechanic, or even running errands will be a breeze! Also, since most second shifts are over around 1 am, you’ll still be able to sleep in before reporting to work the following day.

Avoid the Morning Rush Hour

Since working second shift means you’ll likely clock out around 1 am means you won’t have to deal with any morning rush hour headaches. No traffic jams, gridlock, or crowded buses for you! Another commute related benefit is depending on where you live, public transit fares and tolls might be less money during non-peak travel times, saving you money.

You can Make More Money

Often, second shift pay rates have a premium on them to attract workers. Many companies will add a “shift differential” to your base rate. While it will vary from company to company, you can typically expect to see an increase of about 10% over the base rate. Interested in working second shift yet? Search and apply for our open positions here.

You Have Time to Get a Second Job

Working second shift allows you to also work a first or third shift as well depending on the hours your assigned. To avoid feeling burn-out, if you want to pick up another job while working second shift, we’d recommend finding a part-time job. You’ll be able to increase your overall income without feeling too strained.

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