4 Elements for Successful Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace

Group of diverse women working in an office

Diversity, equality, and inclusiveness (DEI) are critical to a strong, positive workplace culture today. As you implement and sustain your own DEI efforts, here are four important building blocks that will help ensure they remain part of your culture long-term.

Stay in Touch With the Office and the Shop Floor

Whatever your business, it’s important to understand what’s going on in your workforce, every day. That’s especially true when it comes to DEI efforts. Be sure to ask the men and women you hire what they think about your initiatives. Ask them to identify gaps or areas of improvement, using open-ended questions. Share the results with all involved. Then set goals and get C-suite buy-in on a regular basis.

Be Sensitive to All Aspects of DEI

It’s not enough to merely hire diverse talent. You need to embrace DEI throughout the organization. How are you writing job descriptions? How are you portraying your company in marketing? Do candidates and others view your organization as one that lives up to its DEI commitment? Monitor everything from the images on your website to the way you design workspaces to ensure you’re living up to your DEI commitment.

Root Out All Bias in Interviews and Hiring

DEI requires some pretty significant self-reflection. Bias, prejudice, and insensitivity can sneak into virtually any facet of operations. So, watch for it. The most important area is in hiring, of course. Make sure you’re eliminating gender-specific terms from job postings. Tell prospective hires about your DEI efforts. And use software to hide panel feedback when evaluating people, in order to minimize groupthink.

Make Onboarding Inclusive

From the moment you make a hire, make your DEI initiative part of your new employee’s experience. Conduct introductory training that explains DEI definitions. Highlight portions of your company handbook or policies that are part of your approach to DEI. Connect new hires with employee resource groups (ERGs) or other support groups. Ensure that you’re building DEI into your company’s DNA, one hire at a time.

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