4 Strategies to Create an Inclusive Hybrid Workplace

Hybrid workplace meeting

The “new normal” has changed nearly everything about the traditional workplace; one of the most prominent changes is the rise in the hybrid work model. While hybrid work is generally here to stay, it does present challenges with employees feeling like they’re working in an inclusive environment. Thankfully, there are strategies to implement a successful inclusive hybrid workplace.

Here are four strategies to create an inclusive hybrid workplace where your employees will feel valued and have the space to be themselves.

Emphasize Inclusive Meeting Strategies

When your company has a hybrid setup, inclusive meeting strategies help foster a culture of belonging for everyone on the team. These strategies encourage communication and collaboration between employees while building rapport between coworkers. They also help employees feel like they’re part of the team, improve job satisfaction, and boost productivity. To create an inclusive meeting environment, ensure everyone’s access to the meeting is guaranteed, ensure people are heard, their feedback is valued by others present, and allow input from various viewpoints.

When planning a meeting, it’s essential to ensure that everyone who has been invited understands what will be discussed and has an opportunity to participate. Great inclusive meetings start by sending an agenda at least a day before the meeting outlining what will be covered and how much time will be spent on each item – you might even identify who will speak to what topics so people have time to prepare. Finally, before the meeting gets fully underway, let your attendees know there will be time at the end of the session for questions or comments, so they know they have time to ask for clarity as needed.

Embrace Virtual Team Building Activities

Virtual team-building activities can go a long way in creating an inclusive hybrid workplace. These can happen in real-time through chat rooms or forums or even through games played at set times. This can be especially valuable for teams who are working from various geographic locations with less face-to-face interaction. It helps remote employees feel like they’re part of the team while supporting a strong company culture and employer brand.

Virtual team-building activities are a great way to bring a remote workforce together. Try playing trivia or scavenger hunting games, sending digital bingo cards, and encouraging everyone to participate and learn about one another. You can also use communication platforms like Slack to start conversations throughout the day to encourage stronger relationships between coworkers who might not typically interact. The result is a more cohesive, engaged workforce that’s better able to work together to achieve your organization’s business goals.

Digitize Documents

Digital documents offer greater flexibility, allowing your employees to access workplace content from any computer or mobile device with internet access. Using digital documents, you can create a more inclusive workplace that doesn’t exclude employees who cannot physically be at the office all day from accessing the various files or content they need throughout the day. Additionally, by reducing your reliance on paper, you’ll also contribute to a more environmentally friendly workplace while saving money on printing costs.

Be Mindful of Personal Schedules

If your employees need to leave early for an appointment or work from home to pick up their children from school, try making this a regular part of their schedule so they can use their time more efficiently. For example, you can allow flexible hours during the start and end of the workday and only schedule meetings after 8 a.m. or before 5 p.m. so that employees feel comfortable and appreciated. If it makes sense for your organization, let your team set their hybrid schedules based on their outside obligations. Be clear with everyone involved to ensure your employees will be on the same page for what’s expected of them.

In addition to increasing inclusivity, it will also help you retain talent since your team will feel they are valued through their scheduling accommodations. An inclusive workplace boosts employee morale and retention rates and helps you attract new employees who may want or need something other than traditional office space.

Hybrid working is here to stay and creates an environment that is flexible enough to attract talent while reducing overheads and improving productivity. By embracing inclusive hybrid work strategies, managers can build a workplace that sets everyone at the organization up for success.

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