4 Ways to Boost Employee Motivation

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No matter what you do, some workers are tough to motivate. And that’s a problem. Because, as a manager, you know that motivated workers are happy and productive. They work because they want to. They tend to stay with you long-term, advance in their careers, and give your company strength and stability. Here are tips to consider as you pursue the seemingly never-ending drive to move those hard-to-motivate people into the “motivated” column.

Know They’re Motivated About Something

Everybody gets excited about or has a passion for something. For some of us, it’s our work. For others, it’s our hobbies, our families, or our spiritual lives. So, as you consider your tough-to-motivate people, look for that thing, or those things, that already motivate them.

Motivation Doesn’t Have to Cost Much/strong>

Many companies use relatively expensive events, gifts, and monetary awards to keep motivation high. Make no mistake, employees respond to such incentives. But that response isn’t long-lasting. As you might expect, the key to maintaining motivation is creating an environment in which people feel well-treated and appreciated every day.

Motivation Requires Work

You can’t just hope people get motivated. You have to commit to being part of the process. Get all of your management team involved. Employees respond when supervisors show interest in their everyday jobs and their lives. And the positivity is infectious; experts say the satisfaction of motivating others is motivating in itself and can lead management to higher productivity and happiness.

Motivation Requires Clarity

Polls show that employees thrive when they have clear, concise direction. They want to know what you expect and where you stand. When they do, they relax, and you can do the same. So, give them clarity, and you’ll find motivating each worker—even the less-than-enthusiastic workers—becomes much easier. The experts at EG Workforce Solutions are ready to share more ideas, feedback, and support on employee motivation. Visit us at

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