5 Leadership Tips for Employee Motivation

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One of the keys to employee motivation is making them feel valued by leadership. Feeling valued ranks as high for most employees with enjoying their work, competitive compensation, training and advancement opportunities, and transparent communication. Sometimes, leaders believe they need to make some grand gesture to show their employees they’re valued; however, it can sometimes be more simple than they think. Here are five simple leadership tips for employee motivation.

Ensure Employees Have Clear Expectations

No one likes to wonder what exactly they’re supposed to be doing or lack direction. While you aim to hire proactive, self-starters, there should still be clear expectations set for your employees. To inspire or improve employee motivation, leaders should ensure their team has clear expectations for their roles.

Often, leaders think there are already clear expectations their employees are aware of. However, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes priorities change during the day, or circumstances outside of your team’s control happen that affect what leaders believe the expectations should be. The solution is to clearly communicate with your employees on the expectations and when things change.

Provide Consistent Feedback

Hand-in-hand with ensuring clear expectations is providing consistent feedback. Employees don’t want to wonder or be in the dark about their performance, so consistent feedback is another key to employee motivation.

Boosting morale and motivation happens when employees know where they stand in the company and how their performance is perceived. Your team wants to know when they have completed a project well or when you’re disappointed in their results. This feedback should be given as soon as possible following the event.

Set the “Tone” of the Day

Leadership often sets the “tone” for the day with how they arrive at work. As a leader, do you often come in late? A foul mood? Immediately go to your office without speaking to anyone? Or, do you arrive before or at the same time as your team? With a positive attitude? Take time to chat before diving into emails? Whatever way you start the day, your employees will notice. If it’s the former, don’t expect much motivation from your team – why should you if it doesn’t look like you as leadership is motivated? If it’s the latter, you’ll see a boost in morale and motivation!

Publically Recognize Your Employees

Everyone enjoys recognition on a job well done. Take it up a notch by publicly recognizing your employees when they’ve gone above and beyond your expectations. Whether you have an employee of the week or month program, an annual recognition award, or daily shout-outs, you’ll see an increase in employee motivation.

Communicate the Company Goals

If your employees aren’t aware of the company’s big picture goals and priorities, they most likely won’t feel very motivated in their work. To motivate your employees, leadership should communicate the company goals clearly and consistently. Employees who are aware and invested in the direction the company is going are much more likely to have higher motivation and engagement in their work. And, engaged and motivated employees make it more likely your company will achieve the company’s big picture goals.

Employee motivation leads to more engagement and positive impacts on your organization’s bottom line. Your team wants to be motivated, and leadership is, at least, partly responsible for making sure there is engagement and motivation. Some simple steps to build employee motivation include ensuring your team has clear expectations, is given consistent feedback, follow the “tone” leadership sets, are publicly recognized for their contributions, and know the big picture company goals.

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