5 Tips for Landing a Job as a Passive Job Seeker

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Even if you enjoy your current job, there have probably been times when you’ve considered leaving. Being a passive job seeker is different from an active job search – generally, since you’re not “in need” of a job, you have more flexibility and time to decide whether a new position is worth the career move. Here are five tips for landing a job as a passive job seeker.

Update Your Resume

Even if you’re not actively job searching, you’ll want to keep an updated resume on hand. Keeping your resume up to date frequently will save you time if you happen across a job you want to apply for – or if you’d need it unexpectedly. In addition, any time you change jobs, have a title change, educational change, or skills change, you’ll want to capture it on your resume.

Start Networking on Social Media

You can network leveraging social media beyond LinkedIn! Social media sites like Facebook or Instagram are a great way to start building a personal brand for yourself and connect with former colleagues to build your network. Having a strong personal brand can make you an appealing candidate, and some companies may even come to you.

Research Companies that Interest You

You probably have a list of companies you’d love to work for – start doing some research on them! Learn what you can about the company culture and any current openings by visiting their websites and searching sites that host company reviews like Glassdoor. You can also set up specific company email alerts through Indeed. This will send you an email whenever your target company posts a job.

Check Job Postings

If you’re passively job searching, it’s a good practice to check job listings weekly or every few days. You’ll then be able to selectively apply for only the jobs that genuinely interest you or are a good fit for your skills and experience. In some job search engines, you’ll even be able to set up profiles where you can input your interests, skills, experience, and qualifications, so you’ll get email notifications when a job that matches is posted.

Prepare for Interviews

Being interview-ready will still be an essential part of a job search, whether you’re actively or passively applying. You’ll want to prepare for an interview by practicing answering common questions, having a list of questions to ask the hiring manager yourself, ask for references, so you’ll be ready to share those as needed, and a plan for how you’ll coordinate interviews in your current schedule.

If you’re on the fence about finding a new job, you’re not alone – in fact, tens of thousands of individuals just like you are also considering it. It’s what’s becoming known as the “Great Resignation.” Being a passive job seeker affords you more opportunities to find a job and a company where you’ll enjoy what you do and have more chances to grow. These five tips will help you in your passive job search.

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