5 Tips on How to Ace a Phone Interview

Man doing a phone interview

Phone interviews are nothing new; however, they are much more prevalent in the current state of things. With so much uncertainty, employers will be relying on phone interviews during their hiring process more than ever. This means you need to be prepared, practiced, and polished for your next phone interview. We’re sharing our five tips and tricks on how to ace a phone interview.

You Must Take it as Seriously as an In-person Interview

This goes without saying, but phone interviews are interviews! Just because you’re not face-to-face with a hiring manager, doesn’t mean you can take a phone interview less seriously than you would an in-person one. Prepare beforehand by ensuring you get plenty of sleep the night before, eat a well-balanced meal, and have a designated space you’re planning on using to do the interview.

Interviews are just as much a mental game as a physical one, so do what you can to prepare your mind to take a phone interview seriously as well. This includes dressing the part – don’t wear sweats or PJs, put on the same outfit you would if you were meeting the interviewer in person.

Remove All Distractions

Find a quiet place to do your phone interview. Remove all distractions, including kids, pets, music, TV, or outdoor noise. You wouldn’t have any of these distractions around for an in-person interview, so keep them away from your phone interview as well!

Once you find a quiet, non-distracting place for your phone interview, get comfortable – but not too comfortable. Ideally, you’ll want to be in a spare room or your kitchen or dining area if it is feasible. It is also important that you are sitting, not slouching, or laying down, you may not realize it, but sitting upright will help you stay focused and sound more professional.

Have Questions Prepared to Ask the Interviewer

Just like you’d have questions prepared to ask during a face-to-face interview, be sure to have some for a phone one as well. Interviews are a two-way conversation between the hiring manager and you. So if you don’t have questions prepared to ask, the interviewer may think you aren’t really interested in the job or the company. Having prepared questions is also a great way to show the hiring manager you’ve done your research on the company.

Listen First, Talk Later

Hiring managers usually set the stage for how the interview will proceed. They will lay out the expectations for the interview will be and some specifics about the job you’re interviewing for. This is why it is important that you don’t jump in as the dominant voice. It’s important to listen first to what the interviewer says so you can respond to their questions – not to mention it’s simply more professional!

Send a “Thank You” Follow-up

After the phone interview, you’ll need to send a thank-you follow-up to the hiring manager. First, you should immediately send a thank you email thanking the interviewer for their time and the conversation. This will be expected, and you run a very high risk of not moving forward if you neglect to thank the hiring manager. You should also send a handwritten thank you note as a follow up after your phone interview to really stand out against other candidates.

Phone interviews are going to be the norm for job searching going forward so remember to ace them by treating them the same way you would an in-person one. Be sure to also follow these tips, so that when you do get that call from the hiring manager, you’ll stand out as a top candidate.

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