5 Ways Job Searching Will be Different in 2021

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Job searching was turned upside down in 2020. In some instances, it even came to a complete stop. Like many things, job searching will look much different in 2021 than it has in the past. If you’re one of the many individuals currently looking for a new job or plan to start a job search soon, here are five things you need to know about finding a job in 2021.

1. Old Hiring Trends Probably Won’t Be the Norm

Historically, there’s typically been hiring surges at the start of a new year and then again in the fall. It’s been common that the summer and holiday seasons have tended to be slower. However, this might not be the case in 2021.

Monitor trends, but expect to see the “surge” or open jobs in the second half of the year. To if you’re currently job searching, take advantage of your network, make new connections, reach out to companies, tailor your resume to each application, and adjust your job search to consider applying for jobs you might not under different circumstances.

2. Temporary, Freelance, and Contract Work will Increase

In 2021, expect to see more job postings categorized as temporary, temp-to-hire, contract, or freelance. The freedom and variety associated with temp work may be inviting to some; others might find the more uncertain consistency of it cause for concern. First off, temporary jobs shouldn’t be dismissed. These positions can help bridge the gap while you’re between jobs, and some might even turn into a full-time offer!

3. Companies will be More Focused on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

A major bright spot predicted in the 2021 job market will be the continued trend towards more diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. We anticipate seeing an upward trend in DEI-focused recruiting and hiring practices at every level of an organization.

Many employers will be looking to hire diverse teams and onboard employees who are aligned with their goals. Employers will be looking to hire for a “cultural fit” to their organization, so make sure you prepare to answer questions about DE&I.

4. Recruiting will Become More Automated

Employers are increasingly relying on automated systems and AI to help them manage the surge of applications. This means more applicant tracking systems and chatbots will first engage the candidate to answer application FAQs, ask basic screening questions, or even schedule interviews.

Job seekers can expect to see an increase in automation for the interview process. Long gone are the days of hiring teams pouring over every resume and cover letter received; AI is scanning and pre-screening all these documents. This is why it’s important to tailor your resume to each application!

5. There will be More Competition

Since unemployment and remote work continue to increase, the once limited applicant pool has now widened. This means more individuals are now actively applying to any given job post. This means it’s going to be harder for you to stand out from other candidates. For many job seekers, this may mean you’ll be in for a longer job search.

To set yourself apart from the crowd, make sure you develop a personal brand, update your resume for each application, and learn new skills relevant to your desired position. You’ll also want to leverage your network for connections and inside scoops on job openings. Also, remember to be patient, give yourself grace, and practice self-care to avoid burning out or getting discouraged in your search.

The world has shifted in how it accomplishes nearly everything; how to job search is just one of the changes we expect to see in 2021. We expect to see hiring surges later in the year, a continued rise of the “gig economy,” an increased push for DE&I, more recruitment automation, and tight competition in the market.

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