5 Ways to Stand Out in Your Job Search

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When you’re job searching, it’s not enough just to be noticed by hiring managers – you need to stand out from other candidates in order to land the job. Standing out as the “perfect candidate” doesn’t have to be hard; we’re sharing our five ways to stand out in your job search that will lead to an offer.

Ensure Your Resume is Accurate and Polished

Ensuring your resume is accurate and polished is a non-negotiable for any job search. Beyond making sure your resume is free of spelling or grammatical errors, make sure you back it up with relevant facts and data from your past experience. 

Quantify your experience by showing the hiring manager data and numbers from your previous work. Instead of saying something like “I was the fastest parts assembler on my shift,” say – as long as it’s accurate and true – “I averaged assembling 18 parts on my line every 10 minutes, which is about six more parts than the rest of the team.” When you back up your resume with hard data, you’re giving the hiring manager a picture of who you are as a worker and your capabilities as part of their team.

Write a Cover Letter 

Writing a cover letter is an important part of your job search. Writing custom cover letters for each application is what will set you apart from other applicants. It will be obvious to hiring managers if you’ve simply copy and pasted a cover letter from an online template or are using it across your applications. Hiring managers will want to see your cover letter as a reflection of your resume as well; some of your personality comes out when they read it. Professionally showing off some of your personality will make the hiring manager connect with you better and will more likely have you come in for an interview.

Dress for Success

Even though you’ll likely be having virtual interviews for the foreseeable future, you must still dress for success; this means you should avoid the business mullet (dressing professionally on your top half and pjs on the bottom). Not only will being fully professionally dressed give you a confidence boost and help you stay in the interview mindset, but it’ll also save you from any potentially embarrassing moments if, for whatever reason, the hiring manager sees your lower half.

Dressing for success doesn’t necessarily mean a full suit, but instead, it’s avoiding bright colors, flashy accessories, and distracting patterns. Instead, opt for neutrals, clean and unwrinkled clothing, and avoiding any flashy accessories that might distract the hiring manager from what you’re saying.

Use the P-I-E Method during an Interview

Hiring managers report the highest-rated job applicants are those who use the P-I-E (Positive, Interested, Engaged) method during the interview. Instead of obsessing over how to answer a question or what the interviewer is going to ask you next, stay focused, and confident. This is why it’s so crucial to practice common interview questions beforehand. To stand out in your job search, focus on being a thoughtful conversationalist with the interviewer instead of worrying about how you answered the previous question or what you’ll be asked next.

Send a Follow-up

You could answer every interview question perfectly, been dressed to impress, and been positive, interested, and engaged, but if you don’t send a follow-up to the hiring manager, it’s highly unlikely you’ll get a job offer. 

After an interview, you should immediately send a “thank you” email to the hiring manager to thank them for their time and summarizing what you learned and shared in the interview. To stand out in your job search, go the extra mile and also send a handwritten thank you note and mail it to the hiring manager. This shows you care about the position and have an active interest in being part of the team.

Stand out in your job search by implementing these tips in tricks before your next interview. By making sure you have a polished up that resume, written a cover letter, dressed for success, used the P-I-E method to ace the interview, and sent a follow-up thank-you note to the hiring manager, you’ll be well on your way to standing out from other candidates helping you get closer to your dream job.

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