Want to Attract Top Talent? Start With Your Employer Brand

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Your employer brand consists of much more than a logo. It’s everything someone thinks, feels, or experiences relating to your company. Without a strong employer brand, your company is likely missing out on the best applicants. You may even be struggling to retain the employees you do have. That’s a scary thought, huh?

What’s even scarier is that your brand is generally out of your control. People are free to think and feel whatever they want to and have zero obligation to share what’s going on in their head.

However, what you can control is the narrative that your brand communicates. You have the power to impact your brand’s position in the market through every interaction you have with a current or potential employee.


Before you can make any improvements to your employer brand, you first need to understand its current position in the market. First, you’ll want to conduct a simple brand audit. The word “audit” might sound intimidating, but it’s really just an in-depth review of your brand’s elements in relation to competitors.

This article on HireVue outlines the three key goals of an employer brand audit:

  1. Identify gaps. What areas or content do your competitors do well that you don’t?
  2. Identify opportunities. What aren’t your competitors doing that could set you apart?
  3. Evaluate messaging. How do your competitors talk to potential applicants?

Spend some time with all of your brand elements. You’ll begin to understand how your organization is currently being perceived by your target audiences. Examples of the elements you might review include your career page experience, ease of application, activity on social media platforms, or online reviews.


According to JobVite’s 2019 Recruiting Benchmark Report, the number one source of hires is an employer’s career site. Consequently, we can assume that candidates are being more selective about the employers they choose to partner with. Because employees are doing more homework on companies before applying, employers with a strong identity have the potential to save on their recruitment budget by reducing their promotion across external hiring sites.

So, how can you help your employer brand rise above the rest? Build an experience that feels cohesive and authentic. For example, in your marketing materials, you should include real photos of your employees in action. Create an onboarding experience that makes your new hires feel special. Share employee testimonials on social media. Implement a training program to promote continuing education. Whatever initiatives you take, make sure they align with your organization’s big picture goals.


While a strong employer brand is essential for attracting new employees, it’s also a key strategy for retaining the talent you already have on your team. In his article on, Scott Gardner advises that “the first audience you need to be passionate about your brand is your own employees. If they are all aligned and excited, they will help companies with even average offerings succeed.”

Everyone in your company should be able to voice the values and culture that keep the organization thriving. By investing in a positive employee experience, you’re building a team of brand ambassadors. As a result, happy people will help you attract more happy people.

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