Four Ways Companies Can Avoid The Great Resignation

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Many companies are going through a significant loss of talent in what’s being called the “Great Resignation.” Many employees are asking themselves if their current career is worth their time, money, and flexibility because they most likely can find a new job to offer them what they feel – or are – lacking in their current role. This is also forcing companies to question how they can avoid losing their top talent and what makes people stay long-term. Here are four things your company can do to avoid the Great Resignation.

Emphasize Employee Well-Being

Happy employees are one of the most valuable assets to any company. It only makes sense that well-being is an essential part of a healthy working environment. If you want to get the most out of your employees, help them have “me time” by encouraging making work-life balance a priority. This may involve encouraging your team to schedule vacations, allowing flexible work arrangements, offering creative team outings, and providing health and wellness programs. When people feel like they have a good balance in their work and personal life, they are able to really focus on the work that needs to be done to succeed.

Build Trust

Creating a safe space for employees to be vulnerable is a simple way to establish trust. If your team members know you will invest time and effort to get to know them on a more personal level, they’re more likely to feel comfortable sharing feedback and pain points they’re experiencing.

For leaders, this may mean being vulnerable to your team first. To start small, you can try asking how others feel about something at work. Share your own challenges and ways you’ve found success. Another way to build trust is by getting comfortable with situations that make other people uncomfortable. In other words, becoming comfortable with healthy conflict or providing constructive criticism. You owe it to your team – and provide them more value overall when you’re able to communicate where there might be room for improvement. Balance this as well by being sure to celebrate their wins. Put the expectation out that your team can have healthy conflict with you as their leader as well. Building trust is a two-way street that starts with having good and open communication between you and your team.

Create a Positive Workplace

A positive workplace is essential to help employees work better together and enjoy their time at the organization. If your employees are committed to your company and you recognize their value, you’ll have employees who are committed to staying with your company. Create a positive work environment by scheduling regular check-ins with your employees, encouraging collaboration and communication, emphasizing company culture, and just having fun in the office will make it easy for your employees to communicate with one another, and they’ll feel comfortable enough to give you their honest feedback.

Growth Opportunities

With all the challenges and changes within the last year and a half, people have time to reflect on their careers and determine if their current position gives them the growth they want. One way to show employees that growth is possible is through cross-departmental involvement. Employees should understand the company’s inner workings better and develop firsthand knowledge of how their work impacts other departments. Also, fresh eyes might just notice something about a specific department that could be improved.

Rather than having managers set developmental goals, take a collaborative approach to goal setting. Managers share overall goals and then guide employees to reflect on their own work and how they can individually contribute to the company goals.

The “Great Resignation” is a very real threat for companies losing their top talent. Employee retention should be a high priority for many organizations. To help stem the loss of talent at your organization, emphasize employee wellbeing, build trust with your team, establish a positive workplace, and promote growth opportunities.

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