Four Ways to Boost Productivity During the Summer

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During the summer months, many companies face productivity challenges. Employees are distracted by thoughts of the sun, beach, parks, and pools—all the excitement and distractions the season brings. To avoid declines in productivity during the summer months, a company must be able to adapt to the changes. Here are four ways your company can boost employee productivity during the summer.

Offer Summer Hours

Summer hours give employees more time to enjoy the nice weather and other recreational activities while allowing them to remain productive at work. This can be especially true during the summer when many people take weekend trips or spend time with family. Some companies have started offering summer hours on Fridays or flex-time Fridays as an employee perk. This could look like shorter hours on Fridays or even offering one Friday off per month during the summer. Supervisors could also cross-train
their employees so they can cover one another so more people can take time off without the bottom line taking a hit.

Try Something New

During the summer, expect some productivity slumps. This may be because some people have more free time on their hands, or they’re distracted by summer activities like vacations or family reunions. To avoid your staff from slumping too much, summer is a great time to involve your staff in challenging themselves to grow and develop professionally – or even take on new projects. For example, you could develop a new product or service, host a wellness challenge, or make sure your employee handbook is up to date – the possibilities are endless!

If you want to continue doing what you do best while keeping things productive in the workplace, try experimenting with a few different ideas this summer. Maybe even set up a brainstorming session where you ask everyone what they would like to do to help them stay motivated and productive.

Take Advantage of the Sun

While it may seem like a breeze to spend your days working in air conditioning, it’s crucial to take advantage of this sunshine by encouraging your employees to get outside for at least five minutes each day to keep stress levels low and productivity up. Host an outside team lunch at a nearby park, reserve a table at a local cafe with outdoor seating, or plan a staff Happy Hour on a patio. If you have remote employees, encourage them to take meetings outdoors or make sure they get the invite to any company activities when feasible.

Make A Positive Difference

Summer is a time when everyone is looking to take a break from their regular routines and have some fun. Consider organizing activities that give your team a chance to get involved in the community and make a difference. Organized a day of community service, you could plan a community cleanup, where everyone spends the day picking up trash along roadsides and hiking trails. These opportunities allow your staff to get involved in the community and bond with other team members, making them more
productive during their time in the office.

Organizations may find employee productivity decreases when employees get distracted by summer fun and schedules. To keep productivity high during these months, companies should consider implementing summer hours or flex-time, encouraging their team to grow and develop with new projects, taking time to get outside, and offering opportunities to get involved in community
activities, you can ensure productivity doesn’t slip during the summer months.

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