How Covid Has Changed Talent Development

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Learning, growth, and development are essential factors to employees finding satisfaction and engagement in their positions. The Covid-19 crisis has amplified the need for continuous learning and development due to how many changes and the need for new innovative ways to do things. We’ve seen how the rapid changes to the work environment landscape require deliberate, consistent, challenging, and ongoing learning. In short, if you or your employees aren’t learning something new – you’re not just standing; still, you and your business are actually falling behind.

Virtual learning is key.

Since in-person learning or physical events have been canceled and probably won’t be coming back until at least late 2021, video and virtual platforms for learning will be key for most organizations.

The benefits of virtual learning platforms are that many courses or webinars are free and on-demand! Having learning on-demand means you and your team will be able to fit in learning when it’s convenient to them or fits into their schedules.

Many certifications are also available for free or discounted prices. There are certifications in nearly every industry or field. Just make sure to do your research on which one(s) will be the most beneficial to you or your team.

Learning Goes Beyond Virtual

Relying on recorded video learning alone is not as powerful as in-person programs. If you have the capabilities, you as a leader should host workshops or lunch and learns that provide opportunities for your team to engage each other to deepen the learning. Maybe even invite an instructor to “Zoom in” and provide a live training or learning session.

To ensure video learning programs are worthwhile for your team, it’s necessary to incorporate other elements—like live learning sessions, assessments, accountability, social aspects, and acknowledgment.

If you want to do more than just give your people knowledge, and if you seek to turn to learn into action and action into results, you’ll need to build more integrated, interactive, and customizable programs that feature video without using solely using virtual learning in isolation.

The Covid-19 crisis has forever changed workplace trends and learning and development. To thrive and continue growing, forward-thinking companies are transforming their learning strategies to keep their employees not just skilled but also engaged with the company and their professional growth.

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