How to Build a Strong Virtual Culture

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2020 has forced a significant shift in how people do work and where they do it. Most notably was the move to remote working. For many people and companies, this has been a completely new shift in how their teams operate, and business is done. To ensure your employees stay engaged and happy while working remotely, building a strong virtual company culture is vital. Here are four quick tips on how to do it.

Focus on the Company Core Values

Now more than ever, it is crucial to focus on your company’s core values. These core values should be the compass for every decision your company makes. It’s also vital your employees are aligned with the core values while working remotely.

With all the uncertainties and challenges we are facing, having core values serve as the guide for your business and your employees will help you and your team navigate these times better and come out stronger on the other side.

Communicate with Your Team Often

This probably goes without saying, but communication with your employees is key right now. The chances are high that your employees have many questions and concerns right now, as many company leaders do as well. It’s okay if your company doesn’t have all the answers right now; what isn’t ok is not communicating. Being open and transparent in all communication, from a company level to a direct support level, is crucial to navigating a remote culture. Your employees want to know what’s going on and what’s expected of them. Over-communicating is one of the best solutions right now to ease some of their fears and anxieties.

Moreover, communication is essential since people are not in the office together. Get input from your employees on what they want and need to be successful while remote, not only to perform their job effectively but to build and maintain relationships with their co-workers. Good communication leads to great remote company culture.

Encourage Safe Socializing

While physical gatherings are pretty much out of the question, there are still ways you can encourage your employees to socialize with their co-workers safely. Here at EG, we held semi-regular virtual happy hour calls during the summer where our team could get to know each other; personally, we hold our quarterly meetings virtually over video conference; earlier this year, we implemented a virtual shout-out software called Bonusly, and we’ve recently introduced a virtual wellness program that team members participate in together virtually.

Some other safe socializing that employers should encourage include having a virtual lunch with your team over a video call and having virtual 1:1 meetings with a direct report to share how they are doing on a work level and on a wellness level. What safe socializing activities has your company tried since the start of working remotely?

Plan Video Calls Regularly

Since we aren’t seeing each other face-to-face as much anymore, it’s important to make those meetings video conferences instead of simply over the phone. Having a video conference allows your employees to see their co-workers and leaders. When you use video calls, it will enable your team members to get to know each other face-to-face, read body language, and communicate more openly.

While email, texting, and phone calls are great for communicating the business’s day-to-day operations, group video calls allow your employees to communicate face-to-face, which leads to higher engagement and boosted morale amongst the team.

This has been hard, and it’s not about to get easier any time soon. Ensure you’re taking care of your employees’ well-being by building a strong virtual company culture that helps them feel valued, included, and aligned with your company’s core values. Using these five tips to build a strong virtual company culture will lead to more engaged, happy, and successful employees.

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