How to Manage Anxiety During a Job Search

Your job search comes with many emotions, both positive and negative. One of the more common emotions you’ll experience is anxiety while job searching. While it’s common, it doesn’t mean it’s not a big deal, or you won’t be affected by it. Here are some ways to manage anxiety during a job search and how to keep your mental health on track.

Stay Focused on the Positive

Sometimes, there can be a lot of disappointment during a job search, and it can be easy to stress out or get bogged down by this negativity. Combat this anxiety threat by staying focused on the positives.

Staying focused on the positives is one of the most important things you can do during your job search. Celebrate when you complete an application, land an interview, or after an interview goes well. When you celebrate these small victories, you’re less likely to be affected by the applications that are turned down.

Trust, but Adapt to the Process

Job searching is a process; there’s even a bit of science behind it. While finding a job doesn’t happen overnight, it’s important to trust but adapt to the process. Trusting this process is a crucial step to landing a job offer. It’s also important to adapt the process as well. The past year has brought many changes and challenges to job searching.

If you’ve been applying but not hearing back from hiring managers, be sure to review your resume and application materials. You may need to change them to stand out in your job search. In fact, it’s generally a best practice to tailor your resume for every application – highlighting how your past experience will benefit the company in the position you’re applying to and ensuring you’re following all the directions laid out in the application process.

Take Breaks

Job searching takes time. You’ll likely spend hours filling out applications, submitting your resume, and attending interviews. All this can be draining on your mental health, leading to an increase in anxiety about your job search. Remember to take time away from your job search. Consider giving yourself a day off once a week while job searching. This means not filling out applications or scheduling an interview.

Taking breaks from your job search allows you to not get bogged down and resets your mindset so you can go back at it fresh. Instead, grab a coffee with a friend, go for a walk, do a hobby you enjoy, meditate, or spend time binging a favorite show. Remember, it’s completely fine to take the occasional break from your job search if your mental health needs a reset.

Don’t let anxiety in your job search get the best of you! Remember, your value doesn’t lie in whether or not you land an interview or not. Keeping things in perspective will help you stay positive, trust but adapt to the process, and remember to take time away from your search, will help keep the job search anxiety in check.

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