How to Write a Job Description that Attracts Top Talent

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Finding top talent is tough; writing great job descriptions is one way you can start attracting the candidates you want for your organization. It is no longer enough to list out basic job duties and qualifications, candidates want to know how their work will make an impact and how they’ll be able to grow professionally. With over 60 years in the workforce solutions industry, we’re sharing how to write a job description that attracts top talent.

Show How the Position Brings Value

To show how the position brings value, start thinking of job descriptions as “impact descriptions” instead of a list of duties and qualifications. You’ll want to show the candidate how the position brings value to the company’s overall goals and how the role brings value to the candidate’s professional development.

Generic job descriptions tend to fade away after a seemingly endless list of bullet points that don’t stick in the candidate’s memory. Your job description’s closing section is the final pitch to top talent before they decide to apply. This is where you can highlight specifics about what makes your company unique. Don’t be afraid to summarize what your company does to help employees grow and excel in their roles, showcase your company culture, and corporate social responsibility.

Show How the Position Leads to Growth

Show how the position leads to growth by turning the generic list of functions and duties into action items. For example, instead of saying something like “Have the ability to lead a team,” try, “You will lead a team to increase sales and revenue for the company.” Making the functions actionable gives the candidate a better understanding of the position and lets them begin imaging themselves in the role.

Candidates want to grow in their role and at their company. Showing how the position has actionable steps will lead to more qualified candidates applying. Top talent is top talent for a reason, they’ve spent time investing in their growth and development, and they want to be in a company that values that growth as well.

Avoid Generic Job Descriptions

When you copy and paste generic job descriptions, candidates will know it. Whether you’ve copied a template and inserted info relevant to your company or copied off an old job description, candidates will be less likely to apply.

Many candidates say generic job descriptions also tend to be unclear. A recent study found that 72% of employers thought they had accurate and clear job descriptions, while 36% of candidates thought the opposite in the same survey. Generic job descriptions also don’t focus on the uniqueness of your company; they could apply to any company – hence generic.

Today’s candidates want to know more about your company that just what will be required of them in the position. Candidates want to know where the company stands on growth, career development, and how they can make an impact in the role. Writing job descriptions that highlight the role beyond the basic functions is more likely to attract qualified, top talent.

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