Things You Should Do When Unemployment Benefits End

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It’s been a challenging year and a half; thousands of people lost their jobs and have been using unemployment to assist them in their bills and stay afloat. However, many states have either ended their extended unemployment benefits or will be ending them soon. So instead of panicking, here are three things to do when unemployment benefits end.

Create a Free Email Account

Taking advantage of assistance programs can actually help your job search as well. First, you should set up an email account for all your job searching and assistance activities. There are plenty of free resources – like Gmail – to set up an email account at no cost to you. Having this free separate account will help you stay organized in your job search and assistance seeking work.

Check on Assistance Programs

You should also check with your phone and internet provider(s) – they may be able to hold off on a portion or, in some cases, all of your billing while you’re unemployed. This has been on a case-by-case basis for phone and internet providers across the country, but it is worth a try as having access to reliable phone and internet to make job searching possible.

Utilize Community Resources

Reaching out to your local church or community organization can also be an excellent resource for finding financial assistance. Churches tend to have assistance funds available to those in need – be sure to check first if you need to be a member of the church. Community organizations also have many programs in place to help individuals, families, and/or children in need.

Start Job Searching

There are plenty of free job searching tools available to help you get hired. You can access free sites like Google Drive or Canva to create a resume and cover letter. Most job search engines like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, or LinkedIn are free to use as well – meaning you’ll be able to apply at no cost. Some rideshare companies are also offering discounted or free rides to those going to an interview.

You can – and should – also reach out to your network to help in your job search. For example, you may know someone who can refer you to work at their company or has a lead on a role you’d be a great fit for. Utilizing staffing agencies is also a great way to expand your network. Recruiters will have more access to open jobs and can assist you through the job application process to help you get hired more quickly than most solo searches.

If you’re worried about what will happen to you or your family when your unemployment benefits end, take a deep breath and follow these tips. Having a plan, searching for jobs, and taking advantage of financial assistance programs will help you get back on your feet. EG Workforce Solutions is here to Help People Succeed – let us help you succeed today!

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