Top Do’s and Don’ts for Exit Interviews

Women having an exit interview

Exit interviews are a great way to gain valuable feedback from employees who are leaving your company. However, if not conducted correctly, these interviews can be meaningless and potentially damaging to your organization. Here are the top do’s and don’ts to make the most out of exit interviews.


1. Be prepared: Before conducting an exit interview, prepare a list of questions that will help you understand why the employee is leaving and what the organization could have done differently.

2. Let the employee speak: Let the employee speak candidly and listen actively. Encourage them to share their honest opinions and refrain from interrupting them, defending the organization, or arguing with them.

3. Give feedback: After the employee shares their feedback, thank them for their candor, and provide feedback on how the organization intends to address their concerns.

4. Maintain confidentiality: Ensure that the employee feels comfortable sharing their feedback by maintaining confidentiality.

5. Use the information wisely: Use the information gathered from exit interviews to improve the organization’s culture, policies, and practices and to help retain future employees.


1. Wait too long: Conduct the exit interview as soon as possible after the employee leaves. Waiting too long can make the interview feel less meaningful or less useful.

2. Be defensive: Refrain from becoming defensive or confrontational if the feedback is negative. Avoid getting personal or blaming the employee for leaving.

3. Ignore the information gathered: If the feedback is negative, don’t ignore or dismiss it. Instead, use it to make positive changes within the organization.

4. Disparage the employee: Avoid making negative comments about the employee or their performance during the exit interview. This can create a negative impression of the organization and make the employee feel uncomfortable.

5. Make false promises: Don’t make promises that the organization cannot keep. Be honest about what can and cannot be done in response to the employee’s feedback.

Exit interviews can be a powerful tool for organizations to improve their culture and retain their employees. By following these do’s and don’ts, organizations can conduct effective and meaningful exit interviews that can help them grow and succeed.

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